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our beliefs



We believe the truth that the Bible is God’s revelation of himself revealing his love to us.  It declares his ways and his will for our lives.  It reveals God’s desire to be in a loving relationship with his creations.



We believe the authors of the Bible were ordinary men, living ordinary lives.  They were inspired by the Holy Spirit to record with God said and did.  It was written over a 1500-year span covering over 40 generations.



We believe the writings of the Bible are free of any errors.  First and foremost we believe in the inerrancy of the Bible because it was giving at the direction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  And secondly there are many historical proofs and evidence the supports its reliability.




We believe God is a personal being who existed before time and space as we know it.  When Moses ask who he was he simply replied, “I AM”.  He is the one who always was.  We believe God is all-powerful, he is ever-present, he is all-knowing, he will not change, and yet he is a personal God


our relationship

We believe God is a relational God.  He always was and always will be.  We believe mankind was created in His Image.  That is the desire to be in a loving and complete relationship.  We believe a complete relationship is only satisfied when we are in relationship with God which is the basic human need.


his plan

We believe God set a plan in motion before the world was created to restore the relationship that was lost between God and man.  This plan was to send his Son Jesus Christ to show us the Father.  Jesus also, paid the price for our sins by his death and resurrection that put us back in right standings with God.




We believe Jesus is the second person of the Godhead.  God give us a window into his heart through his son Jesus Christ.  We believe Jesus was born of a virgin and was God on earth and yet fully human.  He always existed with the Father and he showed us how the live here on earth.



We believe Jesus is the fulfillment of the promise of God to restore or save mankind.  We believe God put this plan in motion before he created the world. 



We believe the death and resurrection of Jesus satisfied the wrath of God.  He paid the price for sin once and for all.



We believe as a result of the finished work on the cross sin’s price was paid and death has lost its grip on man.  We believe our response is to believe and accept the work that was done on the cross.  To give our lives back to God.




We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead.  He was always with God the Father and God the Son.  He is active in our world and lives today fulfilling Christ’s promise to send a Helper.



We believe his purpose is to make us one with God, to help us become Christlike, to reveal the truth of the Scriptures, to empower us to serve God and to give our lives meaning and purpose.



We believe as we yield to the Holy Spirit who resides within us he will reveal the heart of the Father for our lives.  He will guide us into an intimate relationship with God and a Christlike relationship with others.



We believe in the full manifestation of the Spirit as recorded in the New Testament for the common good of the believer and the church. These dynamic manifestations include: Baptism in the Spirit, Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit.




We believe man was created to be in relationship with his creator.  God made us in his image so we would enjoy relationship as he does.  Man is a relational being who is only complete when he finds and experiences that within his life.  We believe man is unique and has a special purpose in this world.


our design

We believe our design or uniqueness is God giving. We are capable of love, communication, creativity, logic and moral decisions.  We are the workmanship of an all-might creator.  Our lives are fulfilled when we reunite or give our lives back to God.




We believe that Jesus’ idea of the church was not brick and mortar.  It was built on the declaration that “he was the Messiah, the true Son of God”.  We believe the church is the people of God, the called out ones.   The building is the place we come together to worship God and fellowship with other believers.



We believe the church is Christ’s visible representative of earth, where the people of God the followers of Christ can be part of a community to demonstrate the love of God.  We believe part of the church’s responsibility is to fulfill Christ’s mission to redeem the lost.                                             



We believe the church’s mission is to help meet human and spiritual needs.  Our relationship with God is enhanced as we come together as a community and worship him.  We believe our relationship with man is to show the love of Christ by helping with emotional, physical, and mental needs.  As well as helping meet man’s spiritual needs such as redemption, grace, and the teaching of the Word of God.       



new creation

We believe that being justified before God, cleansed of sin and experiencing a new life is a result of God’s grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ who was our sacrifice for sin.  Our spirit is reborn through faith in Christ and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.



We believe the purpose of the new life in Christ is to glorify God the Father.  It is to reestablish the broken relationship that was lost in the Garden.  It is also to share with a dying world the new life they can have in Jesus.


relationship to God and Men

We believe this new life relationship put us in right standing with God.  It restores the intimate fellowship that was lost in the Garden.  It allows us to show God’s love as it was intended.  It allows us to demonstrate the love of Jesus others.




We believe in an eternal God and that we are eternal beings.  We believe our spirit will live forever.  We believe that after death we will live forever either in the presence of God or in eternal separation from God.  The choice of where we spend eternity is ours to make.



We believe in life we are destined to have struggles, suffering and death but that can be changed into blessings, joy and a peace realizing one day we will be home with God for eternity.  We believe Christ will return and give us a new body, restore this earth to a perfect world and we will live with him forever.